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FAQs & Policies

Shopping and Shipping

If I buy a dozen pencils, will I also get an original box?
Most likely, no. I primarily sell singles here at Brand Name Pencils, and you can buy as many single pencils as I have in stock. Sometimes a photo of a vintage box will be shown, but that does not mean you will get the box if you purchase a dozen. There is a small chance that I have extra boxes, so if you wish to buy a dozen you can contact me (before placing an order) to ask if I have a box to include with your purchase.

Just one pencil? I though I was buying a dozen!?!
Brand Name Pencils is the world’s number one source for buying single hard-to-find collectible pencils. Unless the product description says otherwise you are buying just one pencil. Please read the description carefully before placing an order. The last thing I want is for you to email me unhappy about receiving only one pencil.

What kinds of payment do you accept?
Prices listed are in US$, and I accept all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. Sorry no Venmo, Paypal, or Bitcoin at this time!

Do you ship overseas?
Yes, I ship to countries all over the world. In some cases, depending on your location, I may require international shipping insurance. If so, after you place your order I will contact you to confirm the additional insurance cost (if any). Some of my international customers will use a U.S. shipping agent, in order to avoid extra insurance.

How much does shipping cost?
For customers shipping to a U.S. address, you have two options: USPS First Class for $5.95 or Priority Mail for $8.65. For international customers the pricing is as follows.
• Canada: USPS First Class International is $14.00
• Europe: USPS European Flat Rate is $17.25
• Asia: USPS First Class International is $17.25
• All other countries: USPS International Flat Rate is $19.00

All prices shown here are in US$. Please see above regarding international insurance for some countries.

What is your return policy?
All items are sold “as-is” meaning I do not accept returns. If you have questions about an item please ask prior to purchasing! I want you to feel good about your purchase.

Trading and Selling

Do you buy rare and vintage pencils?
Yes, I love to buy and trade pencils. That’s exactly how I’ve built this massive collection! If you have something to sell, please contact me. I try to respond quickly to requests, but if you don’t hear back from me within a few days feel free to reach out again. Perhaps your email got buried in my inbox.

Personal Stuff

What is your favorite pencil of all time?
This is a tough question, because I have many favorites! I am personally a big fan of vintage Japanese pencils, probably in part because my wife and I visited Japan 20+ years ago and we have fond memories. There is a particular pencil in my collection that is extremely rare, so that would have to be high on my list. One of the first pencils to ever catch my eye as a middle schooler in the 1980s was the Eagle Black Warrior, so that one is definitely on the list. As for others, let me give it some more thought and get back to you!

How did you get started with pencil collecting?
There’s a whole page about that! Check out the story of BNP.

Is this a full time job for you?
For me, pencil collecting is a personal passion, which some might call a hobby. Others might call it an obsession! I spend a lot of time every day buying, selling, sorting, scanning, and shipping pencils. But for now, I still have a day job (I am a full time elementary school art teacher).